Our plans for 2017/18

Mon 21st Aug 2017 - 7:10pm : General

Calling all esports fans and enthusiasts! Today we have a couple of announcements about the upcoming year for the society. As you may already have noticed we have completely revamped the logo and design of our society, this is to match our fresh ideas for the oncoming year. We have lots of things planned from socials to esports viewing to in-house LANs!

We would like to announce three new committee members in Stefan, Charlie and Jawad, these guys will be joining Jess and Howard as Treasurer, Social Secretary and MOBA Coordinator respectively.

Secondly, we would like to also announce four new partners! Overclockers UK, Asus, Raven.GG and LOW.MS will be joining us to provide you with the best prizes, merchandise and game servers. We're really excited to be working with them over the next year, so stay tuned for more details about discounts, merch and more!

We're also pleased to finally announce our Semester A events:

Overwatch Limited Duel 1v1 Event – October 23rd – October 28th

CS:GO 2v2 Event – November 10th – November 11th

League of Legends 1v1 Event – December 1st – December 2nd

All these events will have both online games and LAN finals with some awesome prizes for the top three finishers, kindly provided by Overclockers UK and Asus.

This year we are aiming to greatly expand our presence in the National University Esports League and beyond for CS:GO, League of Legends and Overwatch. Information about tryouts for these teams will be released before freshers.

Speaking of freshers, we'll be at the freshers fair on Friday 29th September, so be sure to come and find us.

We are really excited about esports merch this year, we're happy to be providing lots of purchasable goodies from a custom team jersey to hoodies and mouse mats courtesy of Raven.GG.

Finally we would like to announce our new website If you miss any announcements on facebook or anywhere else, they will all be available on our website.

We’ll see you all at Freshers Fair!

Your committee



Stefan Cooper

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