• Merch by Raven! 0

    Merch by Raven!

    Finally merch is here! Check out our new jerseys and hoodies, provided by our partners Raven.GG. Available for purchase from Raven.GG right now!

    Fri 20th Oct 2017 - 6:48pmRead More
  • Stag Fight: Overwatch 1v1 Championship 0

    Stag Fight: Overwatch…

    Are you ready for the Stag Fight?Stag Fight is our first event of the year, an epic Overwatch 1v1 Limited Duel tournament exclusively for University of Hertfordshire students, powered by Overclockers UK and…

    Tue 26th Sep 2017 - 1:10amRead More
  • Our plans for 2017/18 4

    Our plans for 2017/18

    Calling all esports fans and enthusiasts! Today we have a couple of announcements about the upcoming year for the society.

    Mon 21st Aug 2017 - 7:10pmRead More
  • Team tryouts 2

    Team tryouts

    So you're interested in playing for Hertfordshire? This October we'll be holding tryouts for our competitive teams!  

    Fri 28th Jul 2017 - 4:45pmRead More

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